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Course: Webmaster

Products: All

Audience: Site Webmasters

Duration: 120 minutes

Prerequisites: None

If you're just starting off as webmaster of your school or district site, you should first download and review the documents in the left column. The Easy Start Guide for Webmasters and Picture Guide to the Webmaster Center will provide you with the foundation necessary to build your site.

After reviewing the Easy Start Guide, your next steps are listed below. Those with some experience already under their belt may choose to jump to any section. Everyone else will want to work through the steps in order.

I. Site Setup

  • Design Setup - Choose your template, colors, and upload logos
  • Site Structure - How to structure your site
  • Advanced CSS Options - For those proficient withHTML, CSS, and image editing
  • Google Analytics - Optional service for tracking site statistics

II. Publishing Resources

  • The Content Manager - part of the Webmaster Center
  • New, Events, and Notes - How to publish
  • Image Albums - Upload a library of images for use on your site
  • Resource Locker - Upload files and links for use on your site

III. Page Construction

  • Element Gallery - Brief overview of the Elements available for pages
  • Rich Text Editor - Tips and tricks for the most commonly used Element
  • Custom HTML -  Examples using your own HTML or inserting streaming videos
  • Additional pages coming soon

IV. Publishing Rights

  • Publishing roles
  • Assign Rights and Approvals - How to give publishing rights to users and approve contributor's content


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