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Software Upgrade Saturday, Nov 5 at 12:01 am
Posted by: School Loop Published: 11/5/16

What’s in this release?

The main new feature in this release is a tool that allows teachers at School Loop Plus schools to download archived course content and then upload it to other School Loop Plus schools.  With this tool, colleagues can also share content.

Read more details about this.

Also included in the release is a privacy-related change, an upgrade to the submit work system, and many bug fixes.

Blank rows in Roster Printout.  We added five blank rows to the Roster Printout, at the request of teachers.

Student Privacy and Intervention Notes.  The subject line of an email sent to the Learning Management Team when someone adds an Intervention Note now only includes the student’s initials. It formerly included the student’s name.  The student’s name now appears in the body of the message.

Submit Work Upgrade.  When something goes wrong at home with the internet or some other issue that impacts upload, the system now makes it more obvious to students that the upload failed.

Other Stuff
Mobile App Upgrade!  Coming soon, a major upgrade to the mobile app including a redesign.  New features include:

  • All new look and improved interface
  • Improved layout for course information
  • Students and Parents can add recipients to LoopMail

new design

Google Classroom Integration. Turn on our Google Classroom integration for your teachers.  Write to request.  Update on new CMS coming shortly.

The School Loop Team