How to Fix Other Issues

The issues and solutions listed on this page are not directly supported by School Loop. We provide this information to our Webmasters as a service to help ensure accessibility. The icons used on this page are from the WAVE tool, an online accessibility checker.

Link to Document, Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint

document iconPDF iconExcel iconPowerpoint iconEnsure microsoft word iconthat the document is natively accessible. Additionally, inform the user what type of document the link will open.

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education maintains a nice collection of cheatsheets for creating accessible documents.

Microsoft's Support Site in an excellent resource:


Multimedia iconFor video content, ensure that synchronized captioning and a transcript is provided. For audio-only content, ensure that a transcript is provided.

WebAIM has an excellent article about captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions.

W3C maintains an FAQ page about multimedia accessibility.


Flash iconBecause Flash content is difficult to make accessible, is not supported on mobile devices, and is rapidly falling out of favor with web designers, we recommend against its use.

Noscript Element

noscript iconEnsure that scripted content is accessible. The noscript content will be presented to very few users, but must be accessible if used.

When inserting JavaScript using the Custom HTML Element, that content must be accessible. For cases where JavaScript is not enabled or supported by a user’s device, you must provide an accessible alternative by use of the noscript element. For example, the noscript element may contain a link to an accessible page. When an accessible alternative is not possible due to the complex nature of the script, You should at least display a message such as “Your browser does not support JavaScript” so the user understands why they can’t access that content.