Google Classroom FAQs

Q: Why don't I see the option to link to Google Classroom in my account?

A: Your district must contact School Loop to request this feature. 


Q: Why are my students not being invited to my Google Classrooms?

A: For this feature to work, your district must upload Google IDs.


Q: I published an assignment in Google and it's not appearing in my School Loop Gradebook. What's wrong?

A: There are 3 things to consider here:

  • Did you opt to import assignments during the setup process?
  • Only assignments due on or after you established linking will be imported.
  • Give it some time. School Loop checks for new assignments every 5 minutes.


Q: If I attach a Google Doc to my School Loop assignment, will a copy be made for each student?

A: At this time, no. But we are working it.


Q: Can I link multiple School Loop classes to a single Google Classroom?

A: Yes and no. You can but assignment syncing will not work correctly - we're working on this too.


Q: Can I still use School Loop as I have in the past if I don't use Google Classroom?

A: Absolutely yes. You can also dismiss the Google Classroom Ad in your portal by clicking the X the upper right corner.


Q: I no longer want to link to Google Classroom. Can I disconnect?

A: Yes. Go back to the Google Classroom settings and click the "Disconnect Google Classroom" link near the top right of the page. And yes, you can later reconnect if you like.