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Replace Locker Files

Say goodbye to links to outdated forms and documents!  With the new Replace tool in lockers you can easily replace outdated documents without having to recreate links.

Getting There

Click the My Locker icon at the top of any page in your portal.mylocker.png

Replace Files

1. Select a file in a Group, Website, or  Classroom locker.

2. Click Replace.


3. Click the Choose File button to select a file from your hard drive or drag and drop a file onto the Replace File dialog.



4. Click Replace.


Q: Why am I getting the message "You are not able to replace this file." when trying to replace?

A: You may be trying to replace a file in your personal locker or other unauthorized location. The replace feature only works on website, group, and course lockers. Also folders and links cannot be replaced.


Q: What happens when I replace a locker file with a file that has a different name?

A: If you changed the name of the original file in the locker than the file name you gave it will be retained. If you did not change the name of the original file, then the name of the new file will be used. In either case all links to your file will continue to work.


Q: Can I undo the replace and go back to the old file?

A: No. The old file is permanently replaced with the new one, and there is no way to retrieve the old file once it has been replaced.