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AddDirectory.pngThe Directory element is an easy way to create links to your teacher and staff webpages on your school website. It's as simple as checking some boxes.

Using the Directory Element

When the Directory element is added to a page, you are presented with a list of staff accounts separated by roll.

1. Enter an optional Title for the directory.

2. Check the names of the staff you wish to add to the directory. Use the Check All buttons to add all users by role.

3. Click Submit.


The directory displays the selected users alphabetically by last name.


The envelope icon allows site visitors to send an email message to anyone listed in the directory. The sender will receive a courtesy copy if they entered a valid email address in the contact form.

Note: Messages from district email addresses are not allowed.

If the user has a published personal site, their name will link to their site. Names in black have not published their site.

The display name, phone number, phone extension, and position, are populated from the corresponding fields on the Account Management page.


When staff changes are made in School Loop, the directory must be updated. Check names to add them to the directory and uncheck names to remove them. If the user is no longer listed when editing the directory, simply click Submit to update and remove them from the published list. Remember to republish the page after updating the directory.