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Search now uses updated rules to produce more relevant hits. For your convenience, a relevance score is displayed for each item returned.

The search results table has sortable columns for Score, Title, Type, and Date. Click the column label to sort in descending order. Click the label again to sort in ascending order.

The "Show Me..." menu allows you to filter results by type. News and event earlier than the summer before the start of the school year are filtered out by default, but may be included using the "Show Me..." menu.


Narrow Your Search

AND, OR, and NOT must be ALL CAPS
rocket AND science
returns only those pages that contain both search terms.
rocket NOT science
returns pages with "rocket" but not if they also include "science"
"rocket science"
returns pages only if search term appears as a phrase

Broaden Your Search

AND, OR, and NOT must be ALL CAPS
rocket OR science
returns all pages that have either one or both of the search terms
returns pages with "rockets, rocketeer, etc." (* = any number of characters).
returns pages with "rockets" but not "rocketeer" (? = any single character).