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Import Assessments from Illuminate

For districts using the assessment-gradebook integration with Illuminate, teachers have the ability to import assessment scores directly to their School Loop gradebook. To find out if your district has implemented the integration, or for more information about how to send assessment scores to School Loop from Illuminate, please contact the appropriate person or department in your district.

Pushing Scores From Illuminate

1. After assessments have been scanned and saved, hover over the Responses tab and select Push Results to School Loop.


2, From the next screen, click Push to School Loop.


Add Assessments to Gradebook in School Loop

AssessmentImports.pngIt only takes a few moments before scores sent to your School Loop Gradebook are ready for processing. Look for the alert in the right column of your School Loop portal.

1. Click the Assessment import is here! link to view a list of the pending assessments (waiting to be imported to your gradebook).


2. Click Add to Gradebook for the assessment you want to import, or if you wish to inspect the details for any of the pending assessments, just click the title in the Name column.


3. Once satisfied with the details, you can attach the imported scores to an assignment in your gradebook. Click the Attach to Assignment button to begin that process. Your two choices are to import the scores to an existing assignment or to create a new assignment. Click the appropriate button.


4. If you choose to create a new assignment, you will be presented with our standard new assignment form. Just complete the form as you would normally and click the Submit button. You’re done!

If you choose to attach the scores to an existing assignment, you will be presented with a list of assignments created in the past 10 days. If the desired assignment is not in the list, click the Get older assignments button. Once you find the correct assignment, click the link to the far right of the assignment title and you’re done.


Usage Notes

This integration imports the raw scores from the assessment warehouse, so it’s important that you take note of the maximum value for the assessment when creating the assignment for those scores. It’s also up to you to decide the assignment category. The category is of particular importance for teachers using a weighted grade scale.

Creating an assignment for the imported assessment scores in advance allows you to calendar the assessment for students and parents as you would with most of the assignments posted in School Loop.

You may import assessment scores multiple times in order to update new and change scores.

Keep in mind that each import to an assignment will overwrite existing scores.

Be very careful not to choose the wrong assignment when importing grades. If you make a mistake, it is possible to restore your gradebook to an earlier version.