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Website Training

Create great sites quickly after participating in our interactive training for webmasters, site-designers and teachers. Training can happen on-site or online. For more information, to setup a call or look at a quote, contact us at


  • Saves time and money
  • Professional, effective websites
  • Flexible scheduling and no travel
  • Personalized program to maximize your time


Getting Your School Site Online

  • Discover the secrets of great site design and an information architecture that works.
  • Hands-on training to highlight a useful design, set up navigation, create page structure & content, and manage users.
  • Advanced features like embedding HTML, rights management, Google apps and more.
  • An open forum for discussion for issues encountered during implementation


Getting Teachers Online

In just an hour or two of personalized time, your teachers can be online with a course page. We'll work with you to outline a plan and expectation for teachers' online presence, and ensure that every teacher has a presentable and working site by the end of the session. Sites can include the following:

  • Brief introduction/portrait
  • Syllabus, worksheets and a locker for online materials
  • Easy sharing of Google documents to the website
  • Assignment calendar
  • Eye-catching images, slideshows, and video
  • Easy, secure email to the teacher


Contact us at if you are interested in training for your district or school. Thanks!