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With School Loop Plus, you already can communicate and collaborate easily with everyone at your site through groups and by publishing news and events.And with our included Unification features, you can these tools to communicate across your district.

District Wide and Private Groups

With unification, all your schools and district office are connected through our Group system. Unique groups can be created cross-district such as Grade Level Committees, Subject Level Groups, School Improvement Group, just to name a few. Members can be added from any school or from the district office to the district-wide group. The district-wide group can be either public or private as can site-only groups. Our help page, Private and District-Wide Groups, will explain how to create these groups and outline the features of each group type.

Curriculum Groups

Curriculum Groups are specifically about the creation and sharing of curricular content. Group members can create units, lessons and assignments that teachers can copy and publish for their students. Curriculum groups do of course have all the standard features of groups: shared lockers, calendar, and discussions. Our Help page, Curriculum Groups, has complete instructions for creating and sharing your curriculum.

News and Events

With unification, your “Audience” options at the district level are greatly expanded. Not only can you publish to the various audiences at your district office, you have the option of publishing to the homepage and specific audiences at any and all of your schools. The same options are available when adding an event at the district level.

The help page, Publishing News and Events, will guide you through the process of creating a news item or event.

NOTE: News and events can only be published from the district level down to the schools. Schools cannot publish to the district site nor to any other school site.

RSS Feed Element

This element available only with Unification, allows school sites to separate school news from district news by subscribing to the district news RSS feed.  As a bonus,  this element can also be used to subscribe to the RSS feeds of any website. Learn more

Broadcast Messages

District administrators can send broadcast messages via email (not LoopMail) to all registered users of selected schools in the district.