Tips & Tricks: Create New Gradebooks

School Loop starts you off with one gradebook per course, which may be all you need. Sometimes, however, multiple gradebooks are necessary.

1. To create a new gradebook click the Gradebook menu on the navigation bar on your Portal homepage and choose Add/Edit Gradebook below the Course you want. AddEditGradebookMenu.png

2, Click Edit next to the current gradebook.  

3, Edit the End date of the gradebook to correspond to the last day of the previous term.

Click Submit.

4. Click the Add New Gradebook button.

5. Enter a name and term label for your new gradebook. 

Set the Start and End dates to correspond to the first and last day of your grading period. We recommend that there be no gaps in the end date of the previous gradebook and the start date of the new gradebook.

Click Submit


Note: Always republish grades in all gradebooks after editing your gradebook dates to ensure progress reports remain available for your students and parents.

For more information on setting up multiple gradebooks for various grading scenarios, see our Add/Edit Gradebooks Help page.