Admin/Staff Portal

Administrators (i.e. System Admins, Principals, and APs) and Staff members can log into their school site via their mobile device to see a Portal with some of School Loop's basic administrative tools. The features on the Admin/Staff Portal are:

  • Add Event: Hitting the blue Add Event button in the header of the portal will take you to a full-featured mobile version of the event creation page.
  • Student Records: Type a name or part of a name into the "Look up student" field and hit Go to search for individual Student Records. You can find a more detailed explanation of mobile Student Records here.
  • Calendar: View your calendar in the default weekly view (as seen on your desktop portal), or switch to a daily or monthly view using the icons at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Mobile LoopMail: Access and manage your LoopMail inbox and send messages. Read all about mobile LoopMail here.
  • Full Web Site View: Click here to use the full-featured desktop version of School Loop on your mobile device. Note that some elements are not optimized for mobile browsing and may not work as intended.