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Gradebook Security

Worried about losing grades? We've got you covered. As you enter scores and the cursor moves to a new cell, our system saves a draft of those scores. Should your computer crash or some other calamity occur before you can click one of the Save buttons, your scores can be recovered.

Worried about someone tampering with your grades? If someone gains access to your gradebook and makes changes, it's possible to restore grades to a previously saved version.

Need to know when individual scores were changed? We store the history of all scores in your gradebook.

Grade Auto Recovery and Timeout Protection

If you are entering scores in a gradebook and leave the page, or get timed out, when you return to the gradebook, then you will be returned to where you left off. We've built-in a timeout protection system, that will save your work and prompt you to log back into School Loop if you start typing in the gradebook after you have timed out.

Simply click the Login button, to return to a gradebook.


When scores were entered but not saved, the next time you access that gradebook you'll be presented with the unsaved grades. At that point, you must choose to either save or delete the unsaved grades.


Unsaved grades are marked in orange as pictured above. Please note that scores are saved every 30 seconds, which should cover most any circumstance in which scores might have been entered but not saved. However, clicking the Save button every few minutes when working on grades is your best defense against lost grades.

Restore a Saved Version of Your Gradebook

In those cases when your gradebook has been significantly altered, backing up to a previously saved version of your gradebook may be the best option. Use the Restore Saved Grades option from the Gradebook Tools menu.


 Even if you do restore to an earlier version, you can still restore back to a more recent version.

Note: DO NOT use this feature to restore a gradebook you've accidentally deleted. The restore grades tool is for use with an existing gradebook. To restore a gradebook, simply re-create the gradebook with the appropriate date range. Follow our online directions for adding a gradebook.

Grade History


On student and assignment scoresheets, you'll notice a small square with a cursive "i" next to each score. Click the "i" to view a page showing the complete grade history.

On the student scoresheet, you can research the history of grades for all assignments for a single student by clicking the Research button near the top right of the page.


Score Change Notifications

When existing scores are updated over the course of the day, our system sends an email summary to the teacher in the morning of the next school day. See the Score Change Notifications page for details

Admin Access

 Whenever an administrator opens your gradebook, you will receive an email notification.


Administrators are presented with the gradebook in a read-only Percent mode.

In Percent mode, scores are displayed as percentages and blank cells display with an  "E".