Custom Ordering

Take control over the ordering of both assignments and students in your gradebook. Assignments are sorted by due date.  You can choose how new assignments are ordered in your gradebook - either to the right or left of the previous entry. 

Reorder Assignments

1. To reorder assignments, click the Reorder button near the top left of the gradebook spreadsheet.

2. Select Add new to left or Add new to right, and click Submit
3. Use drag and drop interface to customize the order of your assignments, click Submit.














Reorder Students in Gradebook

Students can also be organized in your gradebook. With just a click you may set the default order as either alphabetically,by start date or in a custom order.









1. Click Reorder Students

2. Click Alphabetical or Start Date, and click Submit

3. Use drag and drop to customize the order of your students, click Submit.


Q: Why is the numbering of students in my gradebook not consecutive?

A: When students are dropped from your roster, the dropped student retains their position in the roster, only hidden.  To maintain consecutive numbers, drag the dropped student(s) to the bottom of the rosters as described in step #3 in 'Reorder Students in Gradebook' above.