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Course: Gradebook Basics

Product: Plus Gradebook

Audience: Teachers

Duration: 60 minutes

Prerequisites: None

Course Outline

Publish Assignments

  • Assign, Edit, Copy, or Delete Assignments: A simple form allows you to publish assignments for parents and students to view. Attach files, involve students in discussions, and allow student to submit work online.

Gradebook Setup

  • Create Gradebooks: Initially a gradebook is created for you, but you may wish to create gradebooks for shorter terms or other special situations.
  • Universal Course Settings - Categories: An essential step for those who choose to use weighting, but useful for all teachers.
  • Weighting: Each course may have its own settings for weighting.
  • Grade Scale: You choose the labels and floor percentage. Each course has its own grade scale.
  • Advanced Settings: Not all that advance really. Just default cell behavior and rounding.

Score Assignments

Publish Grades

  • Publishing Grades: You control which grades student and parents can see and when they may see them.
  • All Grades: Your view of the gradebook includes both published and unpublished grades.
  • Published Grades: View published scores by category.