Design Setup

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designsetup.pngOne of the very first things webmasters may want to do with their new school website is select a design template, homepage layout, and color scheme.

1. Log into your account with Webmaster rights.

2. Click the Webmaster Center link in your Quick Links section.

3. Select Design Setup from the Manage menu on the Navigation Manager. 

See our Gallery of Sample Sites for ideas and inspiration on the design of your site.

Note: All design choices take effect immediately. However, no one but webmasters, editors, and contributors can view the site and its design until after the site has been made live.

Our template based Content Management system is very easy to use and you can create a great looking site without any HTML or web design experience, but if you need help creating a custom header or want a completely custom designed site, consider our Design Services

1. Site Design

design setup steps.pngNote that there are 3 steps to the design setup process. First you will select the design, then upload images, and finally complete the school and/or district profile. Initially, steps 2 and 3 are grayed out, forcing you to follow the design setup steps in order. As you complete each step, the next step is made available to you.

Site Design

Click on the design thumbnails to see a full screen view in a new window. Choose one of the "skinned" designs or one with a customizable header graphic. When you find the one you like, click the “Select” bar above your choice. Just in case you’re wondering, you may come back around later if you change your mind on any of your design choices.

Homepage Layout

After selecting the overall site design, select the layout for the homepage. Again, you may click on the thumbnails for a larger view. Click the “Select” bar when ready to make your choice.

Color Palette

Now choose the color combination that best suits your school or district. The color on the left of each pair will be the dominate color for the design.

After making your color choice, you will see a “Preview Design” button on the screen. Use this button to see your design choices. If you’re not happy, click the “Select Design” button and go through these steps until you are satisfied. When ready, move on to step 2.

2. Upload Design Images: Header and Footer

upload images.pngClick the blue “Upload” button.

Based on your selected design template, you will be asked to upload images for the header and footer of each page. Some designs allow for larger images on the homepage header. If you are not ready to upload your images, you should take note of the size limits and recommended image formats for your design template. For optimal results, please adhere to these recommendations. As you upload your images, each one will be displayed in the gray areas on the left of the screen. A “Remove Image” button will also appear in case you change your mind about that image. Alternately, you may upload a new image, which will overwrite the previously uploaded image.

When finished, click the “Return” link. Your site is now fully designed and ready for content.

3. School and District Profile

site_profile.pngClick the Add/Edit Profile button. The information you enter in the form fields will appear in the footer of every page of your site. Only the School Name and School Short Name are required. All other fields are optional. In addition to district and school details, there are also options for using your Google Analytics account and entering values for the description and keyword  meta tags.

At the bottom of the form you'll find fields to enter the web address for your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube sites. Click the Submit button and you're done. 


These icons appear in the footer of every page of your site.