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User Account Management

System Admins can use the User Management pull-down to reveal menus for all user roles. Using these menus, administrators can:

  • Register teachers and create accounts for other school staff
  • Approve parent accounts
  • Auto login to user accounts
  • Edit user account information
  • Approve student accounts (not required with School Loop's default setting)


Getting There

1. Click User Management, then click the role for the account you're investigating.

2. Click a user's name to access all of the user account management tools.

teacher list access.png

The first menu choice under each type of user role will lead you to a list of all registered users with that account type.


teacher list.png

Member Search

The Member Search is a quick way to find any user at your site.

1. Type the ID, email address, or last name in the Member Search

2. Click Go

Tip: This is a good way to find withdrawn students, because students without a schedule do not show in the Students list, but can be found with a Member Search. Sys Admin can auto login to dropped student accounts and use the Prior Schedule button to see the student's grades.

Manage & Edit Accounts

From the Edit Account page you have control over user rights such as login and communication, access to the user's activity log, and the ability to reset the user's password. Perhaps most importantly you can Auto Login to any user's account.

For teacher accounts, a Schedule button displays their current teaching schedule and allows you to move and merge sections between course centers - Manage Courses - System Admin


Note: Admins cannot change email addresses. Users can change their own email addresses, but if the user is not available, contact School Loop Support for help.

Delete Users

1. If you are using the Directory element on the website, uncheck the user and republish the Directory page

2. Auto Login as the user and unpublish their site.

3. Delete the user using the Delete link next to their name in the account list. (Caution: This step is irreversible and the user will lose all access to their data.)

Note: Teacher accounts cannot be deleted, but you can unpublish their site and block login rights on the Inactive Teachers list.

Resetting Passwords

If any user forgets their password, they can always go to the Login screen and click the Forgot Password? link.

The user's login name and a new temporary password will be sent to the email address on the account. Sometimes though, you might want to change a password for a user.

If a user has never logged in:

  • You can change their email address on the Account Management page.
  • You will see the Reset Password button. This button allows you to type out a custom password for the account.

If a user has logged in:

  • You can't change the email address
  • You will see the Reset and Send Password button. This will randomize the user's password and email it to them.

If a group of users have never logged in:

  • On the Account Management page for the role (ie, Teachers, Staff, etc.) use the Resend Passwords button. This will randomize the passwords and send an email to all registered users of that role who have never logged in.

If a user has the wrong email address and can't receive their reset password, please send in a help ticket with the corrected email address and we'll be happy to fix it.

Note - For schools using Active Directory Services, passwords cannot be reset within School Loop. Contact your school/district IT department for assistance in resetting user passwords.

How to Change Account Roles

1. Select the new account type in the New Role dropdown menu.

2. Click Submit.

The New Role menu allows you to switch a user's current role to Staff, Sys Admin, Principal or Vice Principal, without having to create a new account. This can be used for instance, if a staff person has moved to a Sys Admin role. Don't confuse this with the Position text box which is merely a label and does not effect the type of account the user has.

Note: This feature cannot be used to change a non-teacher role to teacher or vice versa. Teacher accounts are tied to data imports and must be created in the system. Contact support if you need to change an account to or from the teacher role.

How to Block Communication Rights

1. Click the Change button next to Communication Rights.

Students rarely abuse the system since everything they do is in their real name, but occasionally it may be necessary to block their ability to communicate in School Loop.

What's blocked?

  • Send or reply to Loopmail messages
  • Participate in discussions
  • Upload file to any locker other than personal locker

What's allowed?

  • Login
  • Read incoming Loopmail messages
  • Turn in assignments
  • Upload to personal locker


Student Lookup

student lookup.png

1. In the Lookup field, type a few letters of the student's first or last name, login name, student ID email address, or grade level.

2. When you see the student, click their name to access their user account management page

You can also click Student Record on the right side.

Use the arrows at the bottom to navigate to the next page.

bottom nav.png

To narrow your search results, add more letters to the Lookup box. Or use the tabs on the left side to browse by the first letter of the last name.

Hint: For advanced searches, use the plus sign. For example, "Grade 11 +" will return all 11th grade students with a Gmail address.