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Student Performance
Applies To: Plus Grade

At the top of the Course Center page is the Student Performance section which consists of High Priority Groups and Trend reports.

High Priority Groups

High Priority.png

The High Priority Groups section contains your students with grades less than 70% in 2 or more classes. This group is automatically formed based on the grades published by teachers and is updated daily. Students are removed from the group as they improve.

Also included are your students who meet the criteria for other high priority groups created by your school principal. High Priority Groups created by your administrators must be manually updated.

Click on any of the student names to jump to their Student Record.

Trend Report

Student performance trends appear in your Course Center after you have published grades over a week period. Trends show variances up or down from the current grades to the last published progress report. The list also provides quick links to information about this student.

  • Click a student's name to go to the Student Record.
  • Click the current grade for the student's progress report.
  • The email icon, gives you a quick and convenient way to communicate with the student, their parents, and their teachers.

cc trend up.png