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New Release Blog
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The Skinny


On July 10th we released new software with upgrades, new features and bug fixes. 
    ▪    Replace files in the locker while preserving links to those files
    ▪    View detailed teacher usage stats that highlight gradebook adoption
Upgrades and New Features
Replace locker files. Replacing outdated website forms and other documents is easier than ever with this new feature. Files can be replaced in website, group and course lockers.  Video (0:48) - Help Page
Teacher Usage Stats. This new report details gradebook adoption and the general publishing practices of teachers at your schools.  Video (2:20) - Help Page
Grade Level News and Events.  Published news or events by grade level used to only go to students. Now it will also go out to parents of students in the selected grade level.
Draft system. The Loopmail draft recovery system has been applied to district Broadcast Messages as well as student School Loop Documents.

LDAP Integration. Added an option to auto-register district staff. This is particularly convenient for districts wishing to implement a district-wide website based intranet.

LoopMail Archives. LoopMail messages are retained in the Historic Archives folder for three school years. Older messages are removed from the system.

Bug Fixes
Lots of bug fixes and other minor enhancements.
Gradebook Download. The Excel formatted gradebook download now indicates dropped scores.
Grade Export. The grade submission page for teachers now correctly displays dropped students for all sources (gradebook, progress reports, and manual grades).

Search Improvements. School Loop search properly excludes the content of deleted sections. Deleted news and pages are now excluded from Internet search engine results.

Data Security Policy. A link to our Data Security Policy is now available in the footer of all sites and user portals. School Loop takes the security of your data seriously and we are fully compliant with FERPA and SOPIPA.

Thanks for your continued support.

The School Loop Team


Want to help us out?

We're looking for people who want to give us feedback on new designs and features.  There is no time obligation.  We'll send you an invite to short feedback sessions so you can help us design the stuff you want.  Email to participate.