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Safe and Secure Email for All Users

LoopMail is safe, secure and never anonymous -- everyone publishes in their real name.  Because LoopMail is a private, internal messaging system, your email address is always hidden from other users. You may send LoopMail to other registered users of your School Loop site. The Associate and Afterschool Professional roles, however, have very limited rights to send messages to students.

Getting There

From your portal, click the LoopMail icon at the top of the page to access your LoopMail inbox.


When you have new messages waiting for you, a notice appears at the top of the right column of your user portal. You may click the LoopMail icon in this alert to access your inbox.


How LoopMail Works

LoopMail messages remain inside the School Loop System. However, we do forward copies of your messages to the email address used with your account. Those messages do not contain the email address of the sender, so it's not possible to reply to that message as you would with other messages. Instead, the message contains two large buttons, REPLY and REPLY ALL, which will transport you back to your School Loop account where you can compose and send your reply.