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Course Archives

About Course Archives

TeacherCourseArchives.pngEach year, the assignments, notes, locker contents and progress reports for School Loop Plus teacher accounts are archived. In subsequent school years, teachers may not only view their archived data, but in the case of assignments, notes, and locker content, these archives may be republished for the current year. Progress reports obviously do not need to be republished, but you may view and print progress reports for individual students.

Access your course archives using the link in Quick Links on your portal homepage.

Republish Archived Data

CourseArchivesbyYear.pngYour course archives are organized by year, subject, and content type. Click the links to access your archived data. Items that are not hyperlinks indicate that there was no content of that type to archive.

To republish archived data to the new school year, click the desired link and use the Copy buttons.

Note: Before the first day of school you will not be able to copy archived content until your school has imported schedules for the new year.



Course Archive Publishing.jpg

In the case of assignments (see image above) and notes, any previously attached files and links have also been archived. Just choose the new courses and periods, set the dates, edit as necessary, and click the Publish button. It's that simple to recycle your work without having to look at printed copies or shuffling through your hard drive to find the original attachments. For assignments, if a member of a curriculum group, the option to publish to that group will be given as will any current course taught. There is also a Mass Copy option which will publish the assignment to all listed courses and curriculum groups.

You do not need to copy the content of your archived course lockers if you are teaching the same courses this year. The course lockers are already populated with your content. Perhaps now you can get rid of one of the 5 file cabinets in your classroom.

For a complete list of what data is archived, see the Year-to-Year Archiving Help page.