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Teacher Usage Stats

These new reports detail gradebook adoption and the general publishing practices of teachers in your schools. The first report, Grade Publishing YTD, is designed around the most commonly asked question regarding teacher adoption: Are teachers updating grades at least once every two weeks? The second report, Posts: 30 Day Totals, gives insight into overall adoption of the system.

The reports are available to district and school admins. The district version lists data for all schools and the school version limits the data to teachers of that school. 

Getting There

For district admins, the Teacher Usage Stats link is available in the Toolbox on the right side of your portal. For school admins, principals, and APs, the link is available in your Quick Links. 

District Admin

School Admin

District Report

Column details:

Schools - Click a school to see the detailed teacher report for that school.

Teachers - The number of registered teachers with at least one student.

Gradebook Users -  lists the number and percentage of teachers who published grades at least once in the current school year.

Published Within - lists the number and percentage of gradebook users who have published within the last 14 days. You can also see the numbers for those who published within the last 7 days, using the pull-down menu.

All of the columns are sortable using the small Up/down arrows in each column.

Click the blue question mark icons to get an explanation of the column.

Use the Print icon to print the report.

Percentages over 80% are considered a success and are highlighted in green.


Use the Report pull down to view the Posts: 30 Day Totals report. This report is similar to the grade publishing report, but lists teachers with at least 1 post in the last 30 days in the Publishers column and lists publishers with at 10 or more posts in the last 30 days in the Frequent Publishers column. Posts include; assignments, notes, news, events, LoopMail messages, and discussion replies.

School Report

Left Column details:

Teacher - lists every registered teacher with at least one student

Last Published Grades - lists the date the teacher last published grades for students and parents

Students - The total number of students on the teacher's roster

The list is divided into 3 tiers. Tier 1 lists teachers who published within the last 14 days. Tier II lists teacher who have not posted in the last 14 days. Tier III lists teachers who have never published in the current school year.

Click the View Low Tier link to jump down the list to the lower tiers.

Right Column details:

Teachers - Total number of registered teachers with at least one student

Gradebook Users - Number and percentage of teachers who have published grades.

Frequent Users - Number and percentage of Gradebook users who have published grades within the last 14 days. 


Q: Why am I not seeing any stats for my district or schools? 

A: Usage stats start two weeks into the school year. Some schools may not be using the School Loop gradebook.