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Importing Scores

Teachers can import or drag .csv files into the assignment scoresheet to import scores, grades, and comments from other systems. This feature now makes it even easier for teachers to take advantage of programs like Google Classroom, Doctopus, Accelerated Math and other programs they use in the classroom while still keeping parents and other member of the learning management team in the loop about where students stand.

Note: If you wish to import scores from Google Classroom, a district administrator must first upload Goggle student IDs.

To Import Scores

1. Navigate to the Assignment Scoresheet by clicking on the assignment title in a course Gradebook or Assignment List.


2. Drag the .csv file into the scoresheet.


Or you can choose Import > .csv file  and select the file from your device.



3. Select a column from which you want to import scores or grades.


4. (Optional) Select one or more columns to import as comments.


5. Click the Import button.


6. Click Save or Save and Exit to save the imported scores. Next, Publish the scores to keep parents and other members of the learning management team in the loop.


To Replace Existing Scores

To replace existing scores, you can type over the current value or import a .csv file using the steps above and:

1. Check the Replace box for the scores you want to replace or click the Select All box at the top of the list to replace all the scores in the list. Then click Apply.