Share an Assignment to a Single Google Classroom

Teachers can easily create and share assignments from School Loop to Google Classroom while keeping parents and other team members in the loop about what students need to do, where they stand and how to do well.

Google Classroom Set-Up

The steps outlined below are best for teachers who have created a single Google classroom which contains all their periods for a single course.

Scenario: I have a Senior English course for Periods 1 and 2 in School Loop and also created a single Senior English Google classroom and invited students from both Periods 1 and 2 into the class.

One to One relationship 2.png

Sharing Assignments from School Loop to Google Classroom

1. Click Add Assignment in School Loop.

2. Enter details about the assignment, then click Publish & Google Share


3. The assignment has been published to School Loop, click on the Google Classroom icon to share to Google.


4. Select the Google Classroom from the list.


5. Choose to share as an assignment or an announcement. Then click Go.



6. Click Assign. You can also edit the assignment date and add a time for your Google Classroom assignment.



7. (Optional) Click View to confirm that the assignment has been published to the Google Classroom stream.



8. Return to School Loop and click Yes, I'm Done.

Importing Scores from Google Classroom

We're still working on a way to import scores directly from Google Classroom, In the meantime, teachers can imports scores by first downloading scores from Google Classroom to a text file. That file can then be used to import those scores into School Loop. For instructions, see our help page on importing scores using a CSV file.