Add a Co-Teacher

The teacher of record for a course can authorize an individual at the site with a Teacher or Staff role to be a Co-teacher for a course. The Co-teacher role grants access to all the tools for a shared course such as gradebooks, class sites, calendars, lockers, curriculum, student trackers, and seating charts. The Co-teacher will also be automatically included as part of the Learning Management Team for students in the shared course.

You can use this feature if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • My school has enabled the gradebook sharing feature.
  • I am the teacher of record for a course.
  • I am using the School Loop gradebook.

Getting There

1. Go to the Co-Teacher setting via one of the following routes:

From any one of your gradebooks, use the Tools tab and select Choose a Co-teacher.




Settings > Course Settings > Select a Course > Choose a Co-teacher.

2. Choose your co-teacher from the select menu.

3. Click the Submit button.

Remove Co-Teacher

1. Repeat the steps above and choose the "None" option before clicking the submit button.


FAQs About Adding a Co-teacher

Q. How does a Co-teacher access my course?

A. Shared courses are now seamlessly integrated as part of the Co-teacher's portal. Learn more...

Q. Can a student at my school be a Co-teacher?

A. No. Only those with Teacher or Staff accounts may be assigned gradebook rights. Administrators, Students, Parents, Associates, and Afterschool Professionals are excluded from having these rights.

Q. Can I remove or change a co-teacher?

A. Yes. Teachers are in control of this feature.

Q. Can I choose a co-teacher for just some of the periods I teach?

A. Yes, but only if you are willing to separate the co-taught class from the other sections. Contact School Loop support for help with this.

Q. Can I add a Co-teacher in School Loop if I am using a partner gradebook?

A. Yes, but that co-teacher will not have access to your partner gradebook.

Q. Can this feature be used with substitute teachers?

A. Yes, it is possible. However, this sort of usage would be subject to district policy.