Classrooms Overview

Classrooms are the place where teachers can share instructional resources with students. In a teacher's portal, the Classrooms allow teachers to see exactly how their course materials will appear to students in their portals.

Getting There

Teachers can access their classroom a few ways:

  • From your portal: Click the Classrooms menu in the upper right area of the screen, and a list of all classes will appear.
  • In the Course Management section of the portal homepage, click the name of your class.


What's in a Classroom?

The class site is divided into four sections using tabs:


Current course content (units, lessons, and assignments) is displayed on the Weekly Calendar and the Bulletin Board displays course related information.


All of the units, lessons, and assignments that a teacher has saved or published for the school year shows up in this tab. 


Share files and links appear in the course locker.


All assignments and events for the course.