Student Performance

Getting There

You can check the Performance Tools area in your gradebook to check on how students are doing.

When you enter your gradebook, you can click the Tools tab at the top.




There are tabs to show All students, Trending Down students and Trending Up students. Click in the row of any student name to reveal more details - Recent Scores, Zeros and Grade Trend Graph. For full details about a student's performance in all classes, click the Student Record link to the right of each student's name. Use the LoopMail icons for a convenient way to quickly send a message to any student.

The list of students in the Trending Up and Trending Down tabs are based on the grades you publish over time. 


Student Tracker

On the Tracker tab you'll see how your students are performing overall in each of their classes. There are filters you can apply to narrow the list of students based on criteria you choose (e.g. trending and number of zeros) and the option to create a LoopMail message addressed to any combination of your students, their parents and teachers.

The High Priority Groups section contains a list of your students included in any of the high priority groups for your school. Such groups include students with less than 70% in 2 or more classes, a high priority group automatically populated by the School Loop system based on grades published by teachers. Also included are your students who meet the criteria for other high priority groups created and manually updated by your school administrators.