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Tips & Tricks: Free LoopMail Upgrade
Applies To: Plus Grade, Plus Portal

We’ve noticed that a lot of our Plus users are still using the old version of LoopMail, which is perfectly fine, but who doesn’t want a free upgrade that includes more bells and whistles? The primary benefits of upgrading include:

  • Folders for sorting and archiving messages
  • Better tools for addressing messages
  • Rich text editing tool for adding links, images, bold text and a whole lot more to your messages.


The next time you log into your account, click the LoopMail icon at the top of your portal homepage and then look for the Switch to new LoopMail Link – it’s near the top right of the page, a bit below the Groups icon. Now click that link for your free upgrade. Learn more about using the newer version of LoopMail.

Note: Sorry School Loop Standard users - Your accounts do not come with the LoopMail feature.