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Mobile Student Record

Mobile Student Record

The Student Record is a fundamental part of the ability of educators to get a complete, 360-degree view of a student's performance at school. With the mobile site, users with Admin-level, Teacher, or Staff accounts will have access to most of this information on-the-go. The mobile Student Record contains the following parts:

  • Report Card: The report card contains the student's current information for each class, including letter grade and percentage, as well as links to the Progress Report and Calendar for those classes. The Report Card area also contains the Email Learning Management Team link, which allows the user to quickly compose a message to some or all of the adults involved in the student's education.
  • High Priority Alert: If the student is currently in the school's automatically-generated High Priority Tracker, an alert will show just underneath the Report Card area.
  • Attendance: If your school is uploading student attendance data to School Loop, this option will pull up the full attendance table for the student.
  • Calendar: View this student's calendar in the default weekly view (as seen on the student's portal), or switch to a daily or monthly view using the icons at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Interventions: All staff may participate in discussions pertaining to the student via the Student Record by touching/clicking this link and selecting a topic or starting a new discussion. Each post is emailed directly to the teachers in the student’s Learning Management Team. Additionally, these discussions are listed on the desktop Portal for the staff members of the Learning Management Team. These discussions are never viewable by Students, Parents, or Associates.
  • Student Info: If you are looking for basic information on a student, including their login name, grade, or ID number, you can find it by selecting this option. Just like on the desktop version of the Student Record, you can also grant/deny a student Communication Rights within the system or change a student's password to help them regain access to their account from this area.

At this time, files that have been posted to the Student Record and the full record of submitted work are not available from the mobile version. However, you can still access these files by using the full version of the site from your phone, if you need to access those files.