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Add/Edit Gradebooks

For the beginning of the school year, School Loop starts you off with one gradebook per course, but you may want to create additional gradebooks to suit your needs (e.g. one gradebook per quarter or semester). You may also need to create a gradebook for courses you pick up at the change of a term this depends on how your school schedules courses.

Add & Edit Gradebooks

1. Use the "Add / Edit Gradebooks" option in the Gradebook menu at the top of your portal or use the Tools tab when you are in any of your gradebooks.

addeditgradebook2 july.jpg

Either option takes you to the same page where you may manage your gradebooks.

Manage Gradebooks.jpg

2. Click the Add New Gradebook button.

We do recommend the following when creating a new gradebook:

  • Include the term in the name of the gradebook (e.g. U.S. History - semester 1)
  • Complete the Term Label field - used in published progress reports.
  • Set the start and end dates to match the term dates for your school. If you need help with the dates for the terms of your school, click he View All Terms link.view all terms.png
  • Be sure to check the dates for the default gradebook and edit as needed. Typically the default gradebook has a date range for the full school year. If necessary, click the Edit link next to the date range for existing gradebooks.

Gradebook Scenarios

Below you will find several different scenarios describing the application of multiple gradebooks. If one gradebook per course does not meet your needs, find the scenario below that best describes your required setup and follow the directions. For those that must weight various gradebooks to determine a final grade, instructions can be found in Scenario III below.

Note: Gradebook settings such as weighting and custom grade scales, must be set for each new gradebook that is created.

Scenario I: Multiple Gradebooks with No Cumulative Grade (Instructions)

Example: I teach a year long class but require a gradebook for each semester.

Scenario II: Separate Term Gradebooks and a Cumulative Gradebook (Instructions)

Example: I teach a semester-long class but require two separate quarter gradebooks. The final grade is simply the two quarter gradebooks combined into one with no special weighting.

Scenario III: Weighted Average from Multiple Gradebooks (Instructions)

Example: I teach a semester-long course, but need two separate quarter gradebooks. The semester grade is based on 40% from quarter 1 and 60% from quarter 2.

Scenario IV: Weighted Average from Multiple Gradebooks and a Final Exam (Instructions)

Example: I teach a semester long class with two quarters. The final grade for the class is the weighted average of two quarter grades at 40% each and 20% for the final exam. I also need to submit the final exam grade using School Loop's Grade Export Feature.

Scenario V: Separate Term Gradebooks and a Final Average Gradebook (Instructions)

Example: I teach a year long course with separate terms (quarters, semesters, or trimesters). The final grade for the class is the average of the individual term grades, with each term grade counting equally.


Q: I have a gap between the end date of one gradebook and the start date of the next gradebook. Is that OK?

A: We recommend that you run your gradebooks back-to-back without any days between gradebooks. For example, if the 2nd semester starts on January 16, you should end the previous gradebook on January 15. If there are gaps between gradebooks, assignments due on those dates will not show in any of your gradebooks.


Q: After creating a new gradebook for the next term, my students no longer see the progress report for the previous term. How do I fix this?

A: Always republish grades after editing your gradebook dates to ensure progress reports remain available for your students and parents.


Q: The new semester has started, why are students still seeing last semester's progress report?  

 A: Students and parents will continue to see last semester's progress reports until you publish grades in your new semester gradebook. Students must have at least one actual grade assignment in the gradebook in order for the new progress reports to show up.