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Gripper for PowerSchool
Applies To: Plus Grade

For PowerSchool, School Loop has a custom Java program that will read the import file created from our system and your PowerSchool database to generate an import file formatted and ready to be imported into PowerSchool. Contact School Loop to get the latest version of Gripper for PowerSchool.

Using Gripper for PowerSchool

Unzip and save the Gripper program to a local directory on a computer that has access rights to the directory containing the database for your SIS.

Locate and double click the batch file: gripper.bat to launch the Gripper program.

PowerSchoolImportTab.pngClick the Import File tab, then the Choose button to select the import file previously created. (See the Grade Export Setup page)








PowerSchoolDatabaseTab.pngClick the Database tab, then enter values for Host, as well as the User and Password credentials for a database user with read access rights. Then Click Connect.








PowerSchoolTab.pngClick the Powerschool tab, then click Choose to set the name and location for the PowerSchool Import File that will be generated. Enter the Store Code for your grading period, then click Create PowerSchool Import File.


Terms and Percentages multiplies the EarnedCrHours by the percentage specified  for the term of the section (default is 100%).



Note: Gripper does not import grades directly into PowerSchool.

Use your PowerSchool grade import process to import the resulting PowerSchool Import file.

Connecting to Hosted Version of PowerSchool

Steps required for connecting Gripper to your hosted PowerSchool database.

  1. Requires a VPN connection provided by Pearson
  2. Ask Pearson for the IP address, Port number, and SID for your PowerSchool database.
  3. Edit Gripper.bat in the Gripper folder and replace the default port number (1521) if necessary and replace PSPRODDB with the database SID in the java line:  java -DjdbcCon=jdbc:oracle:thin:%%s/%%s@%%s:1521:PSPRODDB