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Publish News and Events

Publishing news, and events allows you to share important information with specific groups of people at your school. In all cases you may attach files, links, and videos. If your school is using our website system, you may also request that your item posted on the school's homepage.

Teachers can publish news to their classroom bulletin board.

Webmasters should also see our pages about publishing news, events and notes on the school website.

How to Publish News & Events

1. Click the "Add News" button in the News section or the "Add Events" menu on your calendar.

Add News.jpg PublishEvents.png

2. Complete the form.

Don't forget to include at least one audience choice. For events, click the Repeat button to reveal additional settings.




3. Include on the school website homepage (Optional).

This option is found at the bottom of the audience list and is subject to approval by a site webmaster (assuming your school is using School Loop for your website).


Edit Your Posts

1. Find your post in News or on a calendar and click the title.

You must be logged in to your account for this step.

eventpost.png newspost.png

2. Click the "Edit" or "Delete" links.

News, and events may only be edited by the original publisher or an administrators.

edit_event.png edit_news.png


Q: Can events repeat forever?

A: No. There is a limit 2 years and 300 total instances for repeating events.

Q: Can I change the start and end dates of a repeating event?

A: You may change the start date but not the end date. In most cases it's best to delete a repeating event and start over rather than trying to make edits.

Q: Can I delete individual occurrences of a repeating event.

A: Yes. You will also see the option to delete all future instances as well.