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Grade Scale (GB3)
Applies To: Plus Grade

About Grade Scales

Each gradebook has its own separate grade scale. Grade scales are customizable in terms of the number of grades and the floor percentage for each grade. You may use traditional letter grades (e.g. B+, B, B-) or values such as Pass and No Pass.

Getting There

From any page in your portal, click the Settings link in the menu bar near the top right of the page, then select a specific course from the Gradebook Settings section of the next page, and finally click the Go button for Grading Scale.

Setting a Grade Scale

grade_scale.pngFor teachers who use the traditional letter grades from A+ to F, it is only necessary to set the floor percentages for each grade.

Hint: The lowest possible grade must have a floor percentage of 0.

Use the Delete buttons to the right of each grade to remove grade choices you do not wish to use. To add a grade to your scale, fill in the Grade Label (e.g. F+) and Floor Percent (e.g. 55), then click the Insert button.

Floor percentages are the lowest grade average that will earn a given grade. In the example to the right, students whose grade average is greater than or equal to 90% and less, but not equal to 93%, will be assigned a letter grade of A-.