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Data Entry (GB3)
Applies To: Plus Grade

About Data Entry

You can enter scores on several different pages, and also add comments to scores for individual students.  A feature called "Lock/Unlock Scores" prevents you from overwriting scores unintentionally.  We take extraordinary measures to prevent you from losing information you have entered.  The system will prompt you to save if you try to leave a gradebook page, for instance, and we will not time you out if you are actively entering grades.  Please be sure to log out if you plan to leave your computer.

Ways to Enter Grades and Comments

Your gradebook presents a grid of assignments and the students in a given period.  To switch periods, click a different period number.  You can also enter scores on two other scoresheets.

Entering Grades on Main Gradebook Page

After you find the appropriate assignment, simply type in the score for each student.  Autofill allows you to give alldataentry.png empty cells the same value.  Autofill will not over-write cells that have scores, except in the case that 0 is set as the default value (see Advanced Settings).  To move between cells, hit the enter key to move down, or the arrow keys to move in other directions.

Entering Non Numeric Values

All non numeric values for grades are calculated as zeros except the letter "E" used for exempt, which is treated the same as a blank cell. You can create a legend for your letter codes using the Custom Progress Report Message.

Entering Grade on Assignment or Student Scoresheets

If you click a student's name, you will see a list of all scoreable assignments for that student.  If you click an assignment name, you will see a list of all of the students (in all periods) assigned that work.  These two views make it easy to score randomly collected work for a student, or a single assessment.  The scoresheet works identically to the main gradebook page.

Adding Comments

The student scoresheets include a box for comments for each assignment.  These comments will be visible only to that student and their parents.