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Call Alerts (GB3)
Applies To: Plus Grade, Plus Portal

This feature is available only if your school is using the optional Call Alert integration. Please contact School Loop and your site administrators for more information.


When posting an assignment, you can also schedule a phone call to the parents of your students who do not have a School Loop account and whose first language may not be English. See the Call Alert Setup page for a list of available languages. Registered parents will never get a phone call; the daily email and all the information you post on School Loop is their source of notification. Unregistered parents may receive a call if your school has uploaded parent phone numbers and native languages.


Alert Options

No Calls: This is the default choice for all assignments. No parent will receive a call.

Test Alert (call day before test): The call will alert parents, in their native language, about a test scheduled in your class for the next day.

Assignment Alert (call today and day before due): Similar to the Test Alert except that the system calls the day the assignment is given, and then again the day before it is due.