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Account Approval

For School Loop Plus, there are two possible settings for parent and student initial rights. In either setting, parent accounts must be approved. With the more restrictive setting, both parent and student accounts must be approved. Parent accounts may be approved by administrators or staff who are assigned the right to approve parent accounts. Additionally, teachers may approve the accounts for parents of students enrolled in their classes. If approval for student accounts is required, administrators alone have the right to approve student accounts.


ApproveStudentsParents.pngFrom your portal homepage, go to User Management and use the Parents or Students menu, as pictured to the right, to view list of parents or students awaiting account approval.

Check the box next to the name of each parent that you wish to approve before clicking the Submit button.


approve parents full view.png

The Parents option in the menu picture above, lists both approved and unapproved parent accounts. Click the name of any parent to edit that account. Near the bottom of the edit account page, the student(s) associated with that parent account and the approval status of the account are displayed. Approved accounts indicate who and when the account was approved. In some cases it may be necessary to unapprove a parent account. Just click the Disapprove link in the status section. It is also possible to remove a student from a parent's account by clicking the Remove student from parent account link as pictured below. Similarly, you can remove a parent from a student's account.

remove student from parent account.png

Note: If you need to remove all students from a parent's account, you may as well delete the entire parent account. A parent account with no students attached is automatically deactivated and there is no way to recover that account.


parent directory.pngTeachers may approve the accounts of the parents of students enrolled in their classes by using the Parent Directory link the Toolbox on their portal homepage.

Account may be approved or unapproved by checking or unchecking the boxes next to the parent's name before clicking the Submit button.


approving parent accounts.png

Afterschool Professional Approval

Once an Afterschool Professional has registered with a student, the registered parent(s) will have an opportunity to approve or deny their right to view student assignments and email the student's education team. An alert will appear on the parent's portal giving the parent all of the information they need to make an informed decision. Parents can change their mind at any time on the Afterschool Professional management page available from their portal.

If there are no registered parents for the student, then an administrator can give approval with written permission from the parent. The consent agreement that parents see before they approve or deny an Afterschool Professional, is available for download on the left. In such cases, districts should take steps to ensure that their process and documentation is in full compliance with all district policies.

As with other account types, an administrator can grant or block login and communication rights on the user account management page. It is here also where the administrator can approve or unapprove individual students associated with the Afterschool Professional's account.